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We are proud to announce we are partnering with Trout & Coffee to bring you unique, delicious, custom blends, delivered right to your door.

Muddy Boots: It's a golden spring morning where the sun melts the dirty snow as you splash through run-off down a Berkshire backroad. With subtle notes of vanilla, caramel and macadamia nut, this crisp light roast puts pep in your cup and spring in your step. Air roasted in the hills of Western Massachusetts by Fogbuster Coffee Works.

Trout and Coffee was founded by Kyle Finn Dempsey, a photographer, story teller and video creator that has a passion for all things outdoors. His beautiful cinematic videos captivate and pull you in to a time when things were more simple. His videos make you appreciate the little things and help you remember that everything will fall together, All in Good Time.

All of our coffee is roasted to order to ensure freshness. Please allow 48 hours before your order ships. Thank you.

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